The Bovine

Babysitting, bull-fighting, and precision tech for cows

January 31, 2022 Alberta Beef Producers Season 1 Episode 2
The Bovine
Babysitting, bull-fighting, and precision tech for cows
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To start off Episode 2, host Debra Murphy begins with some quick thoughts on the podcast's structure, as well as a shout out to ABP Daily, where you can find more information relevant to the cattle industry — particularly here in Alberta.


  • Do cows babysit? Animal welfare and behaviour specialist Dr. Joe Stookey joins us to answer calving questions you've wondered but never knew who to ask.
  • What does bull fighting offer a political career? Our very own Vice Chair, Jason Hale, talks about his careers in bull fighting and politics, and joining Alberta Beef Producers.
  • You've probably dreamed of virtual fencing, and might already use video cameras to keep an eye on aspects of your operation. But what other technologies are coming down the pipeline? Dr. Diego Moya Fernandez, Assistant Professor at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine joins the show.

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Behaviour at calving
Bull fighting, politics, ABP
Precision tech for cattle management